Learn, think and grow without limits

Hi, there!

We just launched our product at www.struggly.com. We enable kids to learn, think and grow without limits by translating the latest discoveries in neuroscience into educational concepts and maths challenges.

All we see is potential

We believe in each child's potential. To unlock it, we have created a platform called Struggly, which trains creative problem solving, motivates persistence and nurtures a growth mindset.

Get in touch

Struggly is a product of our company Boggl Inc. If you want to help us in unlocking the infinite potential of kids with us, hit us up!

Core team


is co-founder, researcher and Stanford professor. Jo is responsible for the science behind Boggl.


is co-founder and design director. Alina is responsible for the product and experience design of Boggl.


is a devoted user interface developer. Björn is responsible for all things with code, sound, and animations.


is a top-notch software developer. Daniel is responsible for all the invisible code that makes our product run soooo smoothly.


is co-founder, innovator and CEO of Boggl. Christian runs the company and is our first point of contact for investors.

Want to join our team? Drop us a line!